Our business model

Our unique business model means we cover a wide range of products, activities and locations, with a presence at every stage of the commodity chain. Our scale and diversity makes us a particularly reliable and competitive supplier of quality products, with extensive market knowledge and wide logistics capabilities. Most of our major suppliers and customers have dealt with us for many years.


Being a physical energy and commodities trader in both Asia and Europe, GDIEL is subject to oversight from more than many regulatory authorities. Every aspect of our business is affected to a greater or lesser degree by regulations covering health and safety, insurance, emission and environmental control, product, cargo and financial crime, international trade and sanctions, and banking, exchange and derivatives market rules.

To ensure compliance within we maintain rigorous corporate protocols and a strict compliance program. GDIEL adheres to the laws and regulations to which it is subject, both international and local, in the jurisdictions in which it operates.

Great Dragon International Energy Limited is an energy and Infrastructure project oriented company. The company is acting as an agent, under mandate and advisor between reputable buyers of oil and gas and well respected suppliers. GDIE utilizes its technical, commercial, corporate and political expertise in acting as a successful intermediary primarily between Chinese Fortune 500 companies acting as buyers and Russian well established top refineries.
GDIE always strives for mutually beneficial relationships and acts as the industry innovator. We maximize value in innovative ways and build long term and lasting relationships between us and our clients as well as with the countries in which we operate.


To be honorable to our stakeholders by employing an ethical business approach, by being accountable, transparent & responsible.

Social Responsibility

To ensure social benefits (create employment & alleviation of poverty) in the markets and countries we operate whilst sustaining the environment.


To adhere to all regulatory and legislative requirements.


To ensure that we minimize the number of unnecessary intermediaries and minimize cost while maintaining our business ethos and values.


To strive to be better than our competitors by providing innovative solutions and executing them with diligence and by building long term and lasting relationships with our clients as well with other countries in which we operate.


To never erode our values and ethos by being reckless in our decisions to achieve our objectives.

We constantly pursue solutions that redefine the industry. We take pride in challenging established standards and outdated mindsets. We drive fundamental change and collaborate with those who are willing to go the extra mile with us.
Great Dragon International Energy Limited manages product flow to ensure commodities bought and sold by its customers arrive safely and on time. We offer freight trading, ship inspections GDIE Shipping’s managers review performance of tankers long before a drop of product reaches their hulls. This vetting process is designed to ensure that known-quality vessels are available for use.