Aris S Kyprianou

Managing Director

Aris S Kyprianou is the Managing Director of Great Dragon International Energy Limited, a Hong Kong based organization operating in the Energy and Infrastructure industries and sectors. Mr. Aris S Kyprianou is also an acting Special Representative of the President of the Republic of Cyprus to China. Mr. Kyprianou prior to his current post he worked in Sony Ericson Asia Pacific Division as Executive Business Development Director. Mr. Aris Kyprianou served as Managing Director in Cyfield A.E., a construction, civil engineering and real estate development group operating in Greece. Prior to Cyfield A.E. he worked for four years as Marketing Director at Cybarco LTD, a construction, civil engineering, real estate group based in Cyprus and operating in Greece, Bulgaria, Russia, Dubai and Bahrain. Mr. Kyprianou holds an MBA from Harvard Business School.

Nicolas Papadakis

MSc, MSc
Managing Director

Nicolas Papadakis was born in 1974. He graduated from Coventry University 1998 with a degree in Oil, Gas and Energy Management, Obtained an MBA from Massachusetts Institute of Technology 2006 1999-2003 and worked at the Stat Oil in the trading department, where he rose through the ranks from to become a Senior Analyst. He joined BP (from June 2007) as Deputy Operation Manager.

Antonis Karamanis

BA (Hons) Business & Management, CMI/IC Certificate in Management Consulting Essentials
Commodities Trader

Dani Mortimeroskii

BSc, MSc
VP Management Special Projects

Mr Dani Mortimeroskii brings 25 years’ experience and a proven track record in M&A, new start-up ventures and company turnaround. Mr. Mortimeroskii holds a Chemical Engineering with Management degree and is a Fellow of the Institute of Engineering and Technology.